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    Anime Yokai Board Rules

    Post by Ryougi-kun on Thu May 12, 2011 5:11 am

    We need to be organized here on our board, we are not barbarians after all so we must have rules to follow.

    1. No pornography
    We have a hentai section that is accessible only by the premium members (hoken kaiin) and above. Any pornographic post that is outside this section will be considered as an offense.

    1st => Warning
    2nd => 2nd Warning + Infraction
    3rd => 3 days ban
    4th => 1 week ban
    5th => 1 month ban
    6th => PERMANENT BAN

    2. No Bashing/Flaming
    We must be disciplined here in our community board. Any act of flaming and bashing to co-members and especially staffs and officers are strictly prohibited.

    1st => Warning
    2nd => 2nd Warning + Infraction
    3rd => 1 week ban
    4th => PERMANENT BAN

    3. Racism
    We are even here, we dont need to discriminate others! Such act will be considered a major offense

    1st => 3 day ban
    2nd => 1 week ban
    3rd => PERMANENT BAN

    4. Spamming
    We have this so called Spam Section here, any useless posts especially in general discussions will be considered as an offense and will be dealt accordingly

    1st => Warning
    2nd => 2nd Warning+Infraction
    3rd => 1 day ban
    4th => 3 day ban
    5th => 1 week ban
    6th => 1 month ban
    7th => PERMANENT BAN

    This rules must be a must to be followed so that unnecessary actions cannot be executed.

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